Oates Associates is pleased to announce that Brian Heil, PE, a senior project manager, was elected to two board committees this year. He was inducted to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association (CEEAA) Board of Directors for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) for a four year term and the Engineers’ Club of St. Louis for a two year term.

The CEEAA Board of Directors influences pride and loyalty among alumni and acquaintances of the university by developing and enhancing their continued relationship with the department. Brian Heil is a 1997 graduate of UIUC with both his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering. As a board director, Brian will provide support to the board’s efforts in engaging faculty, staff, students, and alumni relations.

The Engineers’ Club of St. Louis promotes the educational, social and professional advancement of its members and offers advice and support to agencies to benefit the St. Louis community. Brian has been active in the Engineers’ Club of St. Louis for 18 years.  As a board director, Brian provides guidance for the overall club mission by coordinating with committee members and providing financial oversight of the Club’s funds.

Brian serves as a senior project manager / engineer at Oates Associates with 25 years of experience designing highway and local roadway projects. He was most recently the project manager for the Quarry Road Roundabout in Columbia, Illinois. This project involved implementing a roundabout as the City’s long term solution to the increased traffic congestion and delays for local school and church attendees and drivers from nearby subdivisions.