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  • XPO Logistics

Oates Associates inspected and documented the existing pavement condition for 28-acres at the XPO Logistics XSL Facility in St. Louis, Missouri and a Service Center in Salem, Illinois. The scope of work included taking photos to document conditions, taking pavement cores, performing a topographic survey, and noting pavement deficiencies.  The focus was to identify repairs needed immediately to improve the efficiency and usability of the existing facility as well as identify the need for future repairs and maintenance programs.

Pavement throughout the entire yard was evaluated, including driving lanes, loading dock aprons, and parking areas. A topographic survey was performed to determine the severity of the pavement settlement and deficiencies in the area.  This information was used to create a 3-D surface of the existing area so it could be analyzed to determine the appropriate corrective actions.

A report detailing the pavement condition was provided, along with photo exhibits. Areas were prioritized into high, medium and low categories, depending on the severity.  Detailed opinions of probable cost for all of the recommended improvements for each area were provided, along with options for possible upgrades based on available funds.

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