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  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Oates Associates inventoried, mapped and exercised water valves and hydrants at the Edwardsville campus to document their location and condition within the campus. The goal – create a replacement schedule for the University based on prioritizing the water valves and hydrants most in need of repair and in locations that affect the highest number of students.

The scope of services included reviewing archival campus improvement plans as well as inventorying, mapping, and exercising existing water valves and hydrants. A photograph was taken at each water valve and hydrant location. The focus was to identify water valves and hydrants in need of immediate replacement to protect water flow throughout the campus.

The water valves and hydrants were documented with a GPS unit and coded to reflect the condition of the water valve or hydrant. This information was used to create an AutoCAD drawing of the water valves and hydrants and to document their location. The AutoCAD drawing also includes the results of the exercising of the various hydrants and valves. This inventory provides a current “snapshot” of the condition of the hydrants and valves.

The University ultimately plans on replacing all water valves and fire hydrants within the campus over the next few years. Based on the exercising of the water valves and hydrants, a high, medium or low priority was assigned to all valves and hydrants that did not function properly. Additionally, based on conversations with the University, additional water valves and hydrants were added to the high priority list based on past complaints.  Cost estimates were developed for replacing each of the different valve types, and the water valves and hydrants were packaged together into groups based on anticipated yearly funding sources to upgrade valves and hydrants throughout the campus.

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