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  • Great Rivers Greenway

St. Vincent Greenway is envisioned to extend seven miles from the North Hanley MetroLink station to Forest Park. It will connect other greenways and recreation destinations, communities and MetroLink stations. Multiple phases of the greenway have been completed or are currently underway.

Oates Associates studied alignment options for the St. Vincent Greenway that runs through Wellston and Pagedale for over 1.5 miles. Key impacts the team analyzed include: right-of-way; parking; traffic speeds, stoplights, crossings and bus stops; utilities; favorability of industrial, commercial and residential areas; and other projects that will be constructed in the area. Coordination was a major aspect to consider all impacts within the alternative alignments while meeting the wants and needs of residents and officials.

An extensive community engagement process helped to gather feedback on the alignments from the public, address any concerns and incorporate any new ideas. By collaborating with the community, inventorying challenges and opportunities and coordinating with officials, the team established a greenway that is safe, connects to landmarks and community assets and reflects the community.

Oates Associates is currently designing a portion of the St. Vincent Greenway to close the gap between the northern and southern sections of the greenway, while connecting to as many destinations as possible along the new route.

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