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  • City of Collinsville, Illinois
Construction Cost
  • $1,300,000

Constructed in 1985, Mulberry Street Bridge over Canteen Creek needed to be replaced due to deficient conditions. The bridge was deteriorating and the street was wide enough for only one lane of traffic. Moreover, steep hills and severe curves obstructed motorists’ view. To improve safety and provide a better-quality roadway for residents, Oates Associates was hired to design a new structure to carry Mulberry Road over Canteen Creek and to realign the approach roadway using federal bridge funds.

A quarter mile of Mulberry Road was realigned to improve public safety by eliminating several hills and curves. Complicating the realignment, the CSX Railroad tracks were located approximately 30 feet from the bridge abutment and the local terrain required the railroad crossing to remain at grade.

The existing bridge was removed and replaced by a new structure, which carries Mulberry Street over Canteen Creek. Our proposed solution included a 90 foot, single span plate girder bridge to maintain the waterway opening while matching the existing railroad grade. The railroad crossing, which was previously protected by flashing lights only, was improved by installing new flashing lights and gate protection.

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