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  • City of Collinsville, Illinois
Construction Cost
  • $900,000

In order to improve safety of this failing structure, Oates was hired to design a bridge replacement. The solution was a three-sided precast concrete structure over Canteen Creek. Construction staging was complicated by the need to install a temporary shoring wall consisting of steel “H” piles and timber lagging.

The existing roadway geometry, with Mill Hill Road and Bethel Road forming a “T” intersection, provided a challenging bridge layout. Canteen Creek runs parallel to Bethel Road and the bridge is immediately adjacent to the intersection. The local agency requested a cost effective bridge with minimal disruption to local traffic and minimal length of construction and road closure. Traffic staging was analyzed including a load investigation of the existing bridge. Due to the poor condition of the existing structure and its geometry, stage construction was not feasible; therefore, it was necessary to close the bridge, causing a lengthy detour for local traffic and school buses. Several bridge alternates were investigated and the solution was a 42′ precast three-sided box culvert. This precast option provided an economical solution and expedited the construction duration versus a typical cast-in-place deck bridge.

In addition a Bridge Condition Report, Hydraulic Report and complete plans were prepared for the replacement of this structure. Services provided include shop drawing review, construction observation, testing and staking, and field surveys.

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