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  • The Principia School
Construction Cost
  • $323,000

Mesa Field is a sand based soccer field with fiber reinforcement at the Principia School in Town & Country. Oates Associates designed improvements to reorient Mesa Field from an east-west to north-south orientation, install a sand base with underdrains, and obtain permits through the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) and Town & Country.

The project was on an accelerated schedule so that Bermuda seed could be planted by June. Oates Associates responded to this aggressive schedule by designating a survey crew to be on-site the day after the contract was executed.  Using the survey, we helped the school layout the full-size soccer field, which is nestled on a hill along a wooded tree line.

Detailed construction documents were drafted to show field limits, grading plans, and construction details to contractors for bidding. A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) was also prepared and submitted to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) for approval and permitting.

Oates administered construction by working closely with the school’s facility department, the athletics department, and the contractor by performing daily field checks, participating in several construction progress meetings, performing construction layout, soil testing, and addressing unforeseen conditions.

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