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  • Illinois Capital Development Board
Construction Cost
  • $5,700,000

The South Cell House is a five-story building that provides living quarters for inmates. Oates Associates provided structural services in association with plumbing upgrades within the facility.

A visual inspection was conducted to examine the conditions of the structural framing that supports the catwalks and piping in the plumbing chase of all levels. Structural components, including steel beams, bearing plates, and concrete framing were observed to be in fair condition at the upper levels to very poor condition at the lower levels.  Moisture problems over the last several decades had caused corrosion, delamination, and pitting in the steel supports and cracking, delamination, and exposed corroded rebar in the main concrete structure.  Recommendations for repairs and partial to full replacement were given for each component that was inspected and replacement plans were developed.

Due to deterioration, Oates Associates renovated the first floor shower room to include a new floor and wall finishes. The facility was also reconfigured to have a similar layout of the third floor shower room.

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