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The Field House building at Marquette Park had been vacant for several decades.  The City had visions to renovate and repurpose the building for the community.

Oates conducted a field investigation on the Field House due to the anticipated reuse. We reviewed existing plans, assessed past repairs, identified existing conditions and potential future problems, and reported the findings.  Exterior elements that were inspected include the façade, windows, doors, gutters, balconies, chimney, roof, concrete steps and walkways. Interior elements of the two-story building that were inspected include the foundation, walls, ceilings, floors, and door and window frames.  It was determined that the building did not exhibit signs of settlement or foundation problems.  A list of recommended repairs was developed.

Subsequently, Oates Associates provided engineering services for the complete interior and exterior renovation. The interior space was redesigned to include a concession area, a multi-purpose room, ADA compliant restrooms, an elevator and support spaces.  Exterior improvements include new vandal resistant doors and windows, new roofing, gutters and downspouts, and a new historic paint scheme.




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