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  • City of Ladue, Missouri

Ladue is a residential community of nearly 9,000 people within its nine square miles of land. Oates assisted the City of Ladue in identifying ADA barriers within the public right-of-way and created an ADA Transition Plan to guide future improvements.  The scope of this project included the preparation of administrative documents, including identifying an ADA Coordinator and preparing a grievance procedure and Notice of the ADA to the public.  The scope also included an inventory and assessment of sidewalks, curb ramps and pedestrian signals within the public right-of-way as well as an ADA facility assessment of all city owned facilities.  Data collection was performed using a state-of-the-art mobile handheld GPS device for field data collection.  Oates inventoried 12 miles of sidewalks and curb ramps as part of the development of the ADA Transition Plan.

Each sidewalk segment and curb ramp within the City was established a priority level based on its proximity to pedestrian traffic generators and severity of non-compliance. The priority levels vary from 1st Tier Priority Improvements (the highest priority improvement) to 4th Tier Priority Improvements (the lowest priority improvements).  Cost estimates were developed to bring each individual sidewalk segment or curb ramp into compliance.  Project level cost estimates were also developed for the highest priority improvements to identify potential future projects.

Projects were grouped together into logical projects based on available funding. These future projects considered not only high priority sidewalk segments but lower priority segments and curb ramps that when approved, will provide an accessible corridor to increase pedestrian access to key pedestrian traffic generators such as school and shopping districts.

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