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  • City of Highland, Illinois
Construction Cost
  • $2,651,000

In order to relieve congestion on the existing roadway system and provide an adequate arterial route for future growth, the City is constructing a new suburban peripheral route. The Koepfli Lane Extension project was the sixth construction phase associated with this master plan. This project includes two vehicular travel lanes and a two-way left-turn lane. Additionally, to address pedestrian modes of travel, Koepfli lane includes 4-foot wide bike lanes and a 10-foot wide multi-use path.

Numerous existing and proposed drainage culverts were analyzed and designed utilizing TR-20 methodology and applying Bulletin 70 rainfall data. Also included in this project was an analysis of the potential for utilizing excess right of way for the construction of detention ponds and discharge culverts to mitigate flooding problems for homes in the vicinity.

Our services included roadway, drainage and right of way design; plans, specifications and estimates including traffic staging plans, erosion control plans; and construction staking and administration.

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