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  • St. Charles County Highway Department

Interstate Drive is an aging roadway that has become dangerous due to its deteriorating condition and increasing traffic demands. Oates Associates is working with St. Charles County to improve roadway and drainage conditions along Interstate Drive from Prospect / Duello Road to Quail Creek, including an evaluation of the alignment to meet current design standards. This will finalize the eastern segment of the corridor, providing an east-west route that extends from near I-64 to the new interchange of David Hoekel Parkway and I-70.

Improvements along the two-lane roadway include a smooth driving surface with adjustments to horizontal and vertical curves, turn lanes at side streets and major entrances, paved shoulders, roadside ditches and culverts, and sidewalks to connect the subdivisions to Quail Ridge Park. Oates Associates is currently evaluating intersection types, including a roundabout, to address the anticipated traffic demands at Interstate Drive and Prospect / Duello Road.

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