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  • Illinois Department of Transportation
Construction Cost
  • $10,000,000

Phase I and II services were provided for this project, which involved the construction of a new 5-lane overpass taking IL-157 over the Union Pacific Railroad. The project included 4,000 feet of new alignment to meet the new structure and resurfacing from IL Route 3 to I-255 in Cahokia. The land surveys covered a large urban area containing numerous older subdivisions and other complex parcels with a large amount of both courthouse and private research required. A 23-sheet Plat of Highways was prepared to District 8 guidelines along with legal descriptions for 55 acquisition parcels of all types.

Phase I involved the study of 5 alternates to accomplish the grade separation. Type, Size and Location plans, traffic studies, intersection design studies, cost estimates and preliminary plans were provided. Several presentations throughout the public involvement phase were made to obtain public input.

Phase II required the design of a three span steel beam structure to carry 5 traffic lanes and a sidewalk. The design relocates IL-157 approximately 300 feet north of the existing alignment. Intersecting streets were realigned and reconstructed to meet the new alignment.

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