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  • City of Highland, Illinois

The City of Highland Parks and Recreation Department conducted a survey asking residents to evaluate services offered by the Department. Residents were asked to rank a list of 28 recreational activities that were either currently offered or that they would like to see offered. Of those responding, 64% stated a desire for improvements to or the addition of biking facilities.

In response, the Parks and Recreation Department initiated the creation of a citywide trail master plan to be completed on behalf of those residents wanting to promote and facilitate bicycling as a means of transportation and recreation in Highland. This document serves as a blueprint in helping to create a safe, integrated biking network that provides guidance in the planning and development of future biking facilities.

The Master Plan defines and addresses three main goals:

  • Provide a city-wide system of safe, convenient and accessible bicycling and pedestrian friendly facilities for a wide range of users.
  • Budget and provide adequate funding for construction to support the master plan.
  • Amend the development process guidelines to encourage and promote the proliferation of bicycle and pedestrian activities.

In developing the Master Plan, Oates Associates gathered information through coordination with city staff, record sources, and public input. The planning process included a review of the City’s existing and proposed street system, existing and future planned land use, and determined where the greatest cycling travel demands are now and may be in the future. Further, Oates created a three dimensional simulation to allow the public to see firsthand the positive attributes of the project.

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