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  • Village of Glen Carbon, Illinois

In an effort to make municipal facilities accessible and usable for all people, the Village of Glen Carbon initiated the creation of an ADA Transition Plan to assess public buildings, sidewalks and curb ramps and recommend steps to compliance.

Oates Associates worked with the Village by first meeting with officials and disability advocacy groups, and surveying citizens to help determine routes and travel habits as well as any current access problems within the Village. Input from the public assisted in identifying a hierarchy of pedestrian trip generators, including schools, public buildings and parks, and other public locations.  Using a mobile geographic information system (GIS) data collection unit, Oates Associates then inventoried buildings and pedestrian facilities within the community to identify ADA deficiencies.  Evaluation criteria categorized the characteristics of the sidewalk to grade the severity of the defects and prioritize the sidewalk segments.  Buildings were prioritized based on the public usage of each facility.  The buildings were further prioritized based on providing access to the approach and entrance, goods and services, toilet rooms, and additional access.

A GIS database that includes the network of sidewalks with condition and compliance assessments, and individual assessment reports with photos for each of the Village owned facilities were provided. Based on the priorities developed in the Plan, Oates Associates has assisted Glen Carbon with implementing various ADA upgrades throughout the community – including curb ramp upgrades and ADA improvements throughout Miner Park.

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