Oates Associates is committed to empowering and supporting communities in their efforts to increase accessibility.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is in place to ensure that all people are afforded the same opportunities, and in part, have access to transportation and public accommodations.  Oates Associates continues to assist communities with assessing infrastructure and implementing improvements to provide accessible options for all through a knowledgeable engineering team.  This team continues to grow in strength with another ADA Coordinator, Nicholas de Jong.  Mr. de Jong recently completed the ADA Coordinators’ Training Certification Program, which is offered through the Great Plains ADA Center and the University of Missouri – College of Human and Environmental Sciences, School of Architectural Studies.

Mr. de Jong has built his knowledge of the ADA through the many transportation and ADA Transition Plan projects he has been involved with at Oates Associates.  He has assisted with GIS data processing and inventorying and evaluating sidewalks and curb ramps so local agencies can plan for future improvements and meet ADA requirements.  His understanding of the ADA is further enhanced as an ADA Coordinator.