On November 6, 2018, Missouri voters will have the opportunity to improve the safety and quality of their roads and bridges by approving Proposition D.  Prop D phases in a 2.5 cents annual motor fuels tax increase over four years.

Prop D improves safety OF highways and bridges by providing funding for construction and maintenance – and it improves safety ON highways and bridges by separating and stabilizing
funding for the Missouri State Highway Patrol to protect and respond to motorists and their families.  Our current 17 cents per gallon fuel tax is the fourth lowest in the country – Missouri ranks 47th in the nation, and 46th in the nation in revenue per mile of highway.

A campaign to promote passage of Proposition D has been formed, and they have developed a website – www.SaferMO.com  to make it as convenient as possible for Missourians to learn more about Proposition D.