Oates Associates is rounding out the year with some major changes to the company’s brand. A logo refresh, updated color scheme and new website signify a modern twist that stays true to their roots.

The company’s refresh features a modern color palette with an updated logo structure that reflects an identity created over 35 years ago. Chief Executive Officer Joseph Hagerty explains the evolution of their brand.  “Oates Associates began as a transportation firm over 30 years ago.  As a firm offering civil and structural engineering, building and site projects naturally became part of our portfolio.  Our service offerings have expanded over the years, our team has grown and technology has changed, yet we remain the same company built upon a culture of trust.  We want our brand to speak to both our history and our growth.”

The website was redesigned to improve content delivery and functionality. Visitors can filter projects by service type or market to find out more information about Oates Associates that directly relate to them.  A new search feature scans the site to help track down specific information.

“The scale and range of projects that we take on is impressive, and we want to show that to visitors,” said Bruce Schopp, President and Chief Operating Officer. We’ve designed new corridors to provide direct routes for motorists, parks, bike trails and multi-use paths; improved drainage throughout neighborhoods; developed ADA Transition Plans; and designed buildings and sites across the Metro area.  Oates has been involved with projects that you might pass by or experience every day, including the new Public Safety facility in Edwardsville, the Park N Ride commuter lot in Troy, Veterans Honor Parkway in Highland, and the Community Park in Wildwood.  Our expertise and breadth of experience can now be seen with our new website.”

Explore the new site.  Dive into the company’s project history, connect with project managers and learn about current happenings at Oates Associates.